Free-TV Premiere Rost ‘n’ Roll on N24

Rost’n’Roll is going to be on Free-TV for the 1st time!

German broadcasting company N24 screens two episodes of Rost ‘n’ Roll – Kasis Werkstattgeschichten on every thursday at 8.10pm starting on February 27th 2014.

These are the exact dates:

February 27th 2014 – 8:10 pm:
Episode 1: Drei Jungs, eine Garage
Episode 2: Unter Spionen

March 6th 2014 – 8:10 pm:
Episode 3: Neues Spiel, neues Glück
Episode 4: Jenseits von Eden

March 13th 2014 – 8:10 pm:
Episode 5: Die Briten kommen
Episode 6: Das große Rennen

Rost’n’Roll – Shooting start 2nd Season

Finally waiting is over. Again we’re on the  hunt for interesting artefacts and exciting stories all around our three sympathic  garage guys Kasi, Christian und Lars. At the 4th of December we start beginning the shooting for the 2nd season of ROST N ROLL.

Galileo Special Jubiläumsshow

On next Sunday, November the 17th at 7:05pm on Pro7, Propellerfilm is showing off a little! With a spectacular fireworks of  various styles we prove: History and knowledge are sexy! The 15 years Galileo anniversary edition is looking for the world’s most greatest geniuses in history. Tune in, fasten your seatbelts and accompany us on a phenomenal journey through 600 years of history.

For everyone who couldn’t take the chance to watch it fortunately gets another one. Click here to see the programme again in the Pro7 media library.

100 Meter Bayern – Screening Dates

The 2nd Season of our  docu-series 100 METER BAYERN will be on air next week at 5pm on BR.

The exact dates are:
28.10.13 Episode 1: Fürth in Mittelfranken
29.10.13 Episode 2: Engelshütt in der Oberpfalz
30.10.13 Episode 3: Passau in Niederbayern
31.10.13 Episode 4: Campingplatz Elbsee im Ostallgäu

Rost’n’Roll on History Channel

Our youngest baby, ROST N ROLL – Kasis Werkstattgeschichten, will be aired weekly every monday at 9:05pm on HISTORY CHANNEL.

The exact dates are:
29.07.13 Episode 1: Drei Jungs, eine Garage
05.08.13 Episode 2: Unter Spionen
12.08.13 Episode 3: Neues Spiel, neues Glück
19.08.13 Episode 4: Jenseits von Eden
26.08.13 Episode 5: Die Briten kommen
02.09.13 Episode 6: Das große Rennen